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Crooked Creek Northwest Community Development Corporation (CDC) is one of many development corporations in the City of Indianapolis that works to increase housing options for residents, to attract businesses and resources to the community, and to enhance public infrastructure.


We serve more than 100,000 residents living between I-465 to the northwest, Springmill Road to the east, and 38th Street to the south.




Quality of Life Planning

Develop a quality of life plan by engaging residents, businesses, community leaders, partner agencies, and others to develop strategies that respond to the needs identified by residents. 


Interrupt displacement by increasing the supply of affordable homes through owner-occupied repair programs, by building and rehabbing residential real estate, and by partnering with developers on multifamily projects.

Commercial Redevelopment

Partner with developers to invest in creating clusters of commerce that supply residents with access to resources and retail. Support existing businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs through our business incubator.

Infrastructure Improvement

Advocate for improvements that create a safer neighborhood and provide residents with access. 


The development corporation was organized in 1998 and has led quality of life planning efforts and facilitated housing programs for many years. Since 2014, the organization has focused primarily on building social capital for families through the Lion Catcher program.


In 2020, a new strategy was developed which aims to realign the CDC's work with the physical needs of the community and the CDC is working to rebuild an infrastructure of people and systems to lead and support these programmatic objectives.

The board of directors has a high level of trust and confidence in the executive director and meets monthly, serving as trusted advisors who offer professional skills and talents to the organization and the executive director. 


Because our work is resident-led, we are intentional in recruiting members that live within our boundaries and those with extensive experience in community development, real estate, urban planning, architectural design, communications, entrepreneurship, or finance. 


To create momentum that has a lasting impact, we hope to build a team of constituents that are capable of committing to their roles for a minimum of three years. And, to solidify that commitment to the people we serve, we appreciate board members and their willingness to leverage their networks to raise funds and to contribute personally. 

Typically, board members will commit to meeting for one hour every month and participating in special events, and connecting the organization with much-needed partnerships.

The 2023 Ad Hoc Committee is a temporary committee designed to support the relaunching of the CDC's programs, internal infrastructure, and quality of life planning. The responsibilities of this group include spending a minimum of seven (7) to ten hours per month performing CDC work both in the office or remotely.

We invite community leaders to find a role that suits their passions and pairs well with their expertise and their capacity.


Interested in joining our leadership team?
Elections will be held in November. Terms begin in January. 
If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity or if you're ready to dive in, please complete the questionnaire below.

Select your top five areas of knowledge and experience.
Commitment Level

Thank you for your interest! Voting will take place on November 9. Someone will inform you of the final selections by mid-November.

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