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BSU's Indy Design Studio Studies 71st and Michigan Road

Over the past few months the Crooked Creek Northwest CDC board undertook a study of the 71st Street and Michigan Road commercial node in conjunction with the BSU Urban Design Studio. This program allows students in the design studio to get practical experience in designing around real life scenarios while offering community groups the ability to utilize professionals in design free of charge.

Together, we are working to:


  • Develop a vision of what the area could be with the objectives of strengthening the existing commercial uses, increasing residential density, creating a more unified identity through creative placemaking and making the area more pedestrian friendly.


  • Produce visual aids to utilize in working with existing large property owners, developers, and philanthropic groups in trying to encourage re-develop and the creation of innovative financial mechanisms for improvements.


  • Utilize the visual aids in approaching the City and others regarding infrastructure improvements to streets and right of ways.


These plans are in no way a final determination of what the 71st Street area will eventually look like but are only tools to help guide discussions and spur interest on the future potential for the area.

We are grateful for the students, the professors, and the department for their work and leadership on this project. We invite you to share your thoughts on the design boards. 

BSU 71M 3.jpg
BSU 71M 2.jpg

Crooked Creek Town Center

Market North

BSU 71M.jpg

Crooked Creek Commons

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