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People Investing in People

There are more than 100,000 residents living within Crooked Creek Northwest Community Development Corporation's service boundaries. Roughly 25% of whom live in pockets of poverty and nearly half spend more than 30% of their income on housing. In too many cases, families are allocating upwards of 85% of their income on rent and utilities. 


Also, while Indy's northwest area boasts beautiful communities and a concentrated cluster of jobs, a growing number of nodes are experiencing disinvestment and many businesses are struggling to stay afloat. As a result, many families have limited access to food sources, childcare, health care and other essential resources. These disparities, among many others, diminishes one's quality of life and overall life expectancy.

Baby's Grasp

Residents living in Meridian-Kessler can expect to live 7 years longer than their neighbors just two blocks away. 

Neighborhood Priorities for the CDC

The development corporation convenes resources and forms partnerships to identify and take collective action on issues that are important to northwest residents. We empower residents and business owners to create stronger and more connected communities through quality of life planning. Our priorities include: 


  1. Revitalize residential real estate by repairing owner-occupied homes, rehabilitating dilapidated houses, renovating low-income properties, and building new homes. 

  2. Co-develop commercial space to modernize retail centers and create vibrant corridors. 

  3. Lead sustainable beautification projects to minimize littering and create more greenspaces.

  4. Convene agencies and partners to enhance public infrastructure. 


  1. Increase housing density to spur commercial redevelopment by attracting new businesses and supporting the growth and sustainability of existing ones.

  2. Build a business incubator to support neighborhood entrepreneurs in their effort to start, manage, and grow a small business. 

  3. Connect residents with training opportunities to build skill-sets and pave pathways towards increased economic mobility.  

  4. Connect employers and trained residents with job opportunities. 


  1. Facilitate resident-led quality of life planning sessions to identify challenges and opportunities and to formulate a plan for revitalization. 

  2. Connecting residents with resources to ensure access to affordable housing, well-paying jobs, healthcare, prosperous businesses, and beautiful living spaces.

  3. Increase food access by attracting new grocery stores and food production facilities, as well as advocating for enhanced public infrastructure to create access to food sources.

  4. Enhance livability of residential areas, such as by improving parks, 

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Capacity building is essential to achieving sustainable community development work. 



Partner with the CDC to revitalize Indy's northwest side.

Image by Leighann Blackwood


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