The Crooked Creek CDC has a uniquely strong relationship with Washington Township Schools (MSDWT) and a five year history of achieving results through the schools; elementary, middle, and high schools.  Our work for children and youth in the schools has led us to creating relationships with parents and because of our geographic focus, these are largely low income families.

We accomplish this work through the Lion Catcher Program that works in two different elementary schools in Washington Township and programs at various apartment complexes. For more information about the Program, please click here for our brochure.

We do this via a two-pronged approach:

Community School Partnership:  The Lion Catcher Program is currently working in a new school in Washington Township – Willow Lake Elementary School.  We will play two roles at this school.  One is to help families increase their social capital and leverage their existing gift and talents.  Another role is to establish and manage extra-curricular to further develop students who may not have access to ample developmental experiences.  



We are also providing tutoring at Fox Hill Elementary School through our partnership with St. Luke's United Methodist Church.

Relationship Building in Apartment Communities:   The large majority of economically challenged families in Crooked Creek live in a densely populated area of apartment communities where disconnection from the broader community appears common.  We apply the same approach to social capital and leveraging gifts and talents of our neighbors.

We already see quality of life increasing for our neighbors.   This is life changing work.   We expect to see increases in income and health for families we encounter along this journey.

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