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Lion Catcher: Building Social Capital for Residents

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Social capital refers to the communal relationships and patterns of reciprocal trust that enable residents to gain access to resources like stable housing, well-paying jobs, dependent care, transportation, and social services and, most importantly, to confidently employ of these resources.

The process for building social capital goes far beyond having many friends or close family. A network that provides access to resources and creates a relationship of trust so that families achieve their goals represents social capital.

A proverb suggests that when many spiders weave together, they have the strength to tie up a lion. Crooked Creek CDC's Lion Catcher program is a social capital creates a network of unique relationships that positions families to overcome challenges and creates pathways for increasing economic opportunity.

Healthy families make for healthier communities. The CDC's focus on increasing residents' social capital is designed to build a bigger, broader, and more productive network that is designed to foster healthier families. We work with schools, community volunteers, and families to mentor, tutor, and to develop families through neighborhood partnerships. As a result, parents gain skills that lead to higher incomes, teenagers learn to make better decisions, and elementary students grow in confidence. By building each individual in the family, we foster an atmosphere of joy, happiness, and good health.

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Enroll My Family

Lion Catcher aims to support the whole family. If you are interested in enrolling your children in tutoring or mentoring, or if you are a parent looking to gain life-skills, email Thomas Lange at

Girl with Teacher

Engage My School

Lion Catcher is currently operating in some Washington Township Schools.

If you'd like to learn more about how your school can host a new chapter, contact Thomas Lange at

Teacher and Young Student

Become a Mentor

The essence of the Lion Catcher proverb is the inclusion of many webs. If you are interested in becoming a tutor, mentor, or life-coach please contact Thomas Lange at

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