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Investing in Your Neighborhood

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Community development is both challenging and rewarding. Revitalization and redevelopment are a first step in creating healthier communities - ones that are filled with the resources and amenities necessary for enhancing quality of life. In some cases, revitalization poses a threat of gentrification and displacement of long-term residents. Crooked Creek Northwest CDC is dedicated to maintaining stability through strategies that blend affordability and market-rate projects through new construction and rehabs.


Most importantly, we invite residents to participate in the planning efforts and encourage them to become active investors in their communities. We do this through crowdsourcing and pairing like-minded residents with opportunities to invest socially and financially. 


By combining resources from private investors, developers, and financial institutions with tax incentives we work to build capital stacks that support residential and commercial redevelopment that creates returns and improves communities.


Further, we engage and provide capacity for local subcontractors by providing them with access to affordable insurance, supporting their efforts to become licensed tradesmen, and by connecting them with work. This strategy helps to grow small businesses, create investment opportunities for those with limited capital, and revitalize the community - creating a happier, healthier place to live. 


If you are interested in financially investing in the residential and commercial redevelopment of your neighborhood, please email


Are you a current developer or investor looking for a partner? Are you a resident living next to a dilapidated property? We want to hear from you. Email


Revitalization spurs economic opportunity and we prioritize engaging neighborhood subcontractors. Register below to receive  RFB notices. 

Subcontractor Registration

Local and minority subcontractors and consultants are

encouraged to register to receive bidding notices.

Services Provided
I am a licensed contractor.
My services are insured.
I live on Indy's northwest side. (North of 38th, South of I-465, East of Grandview, and West of I-465)
I am a racial or ethnic minority contractor.

Thanks for submitting!

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