The role of the CCCDC is to improve the quality of life of the area’s residents.  We understand that many neighbors are disconnected from the community.   For neighbors who are not satisfied with their economic, health, or social situation, this disconnect is a major barrier.   We aim to help  neighbors increase their social capital while leveraging their existing assets.  


Our unique tactic is to focus on increasing social capital:  one’s connections to others such as a bigger network, broader network, more productive network.   Think of yourself or your child needing a job.  The bigger, broader, and more productive your network the better the opportunity to get a satisfying job.  Increasing one’s social capital increases OPPORTUNITY.   


Another key to our work is the approach known as Asset Based Community Development.  What we do is not to look only at our neighbors’ needs or deficits, but rather identify their assets (gifts, talents, passion) and leverage what they already possess.   Recognizing, encouraging, and investing in these gifts pays dividends for any specific neighbor AND also for the community.