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November 2018

This city is fortunate to have several excellent service providers who are united in the mission to serve the city’s most vulnerable residents.  This is one of the really amazing parts of my job; to interact with organizations with great intentions and strong capabilities.  I’ve learned a lot in my 4.5 years of community organizing and community development.  I’ve learned how difficult solutions to poverty really are.  I’ve seen how multi-dimensional the causes of poverty are.  I’ve seen amazing talents, assets, and determination of neighbors regardless of their economic status.

I’ve come to believe that our Community Development Corporation can be extremely valuable as a community organizer, convener, and connector.   It turns out that this approach is innovative and it is getting a very good reception among key stakeholders:  The Indy Chamber, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Indianapolis Public Safety Foundation, St Vincent Hospital, and the Metropolitan School District of Washington Township all recently have provided strong support for this concept and the project we are just now starting.   As of November 1, 2019, we have implemented our “Healthy Households” project.

Crooked Creek is a vital community and blessed with diversity. The CCCDC’s Healthy Households project will focus on pockets of poverty that are concentrated in a small area predominately consisting of apartment communities.  These neighbors need and deserve higher quality housing, increased security and access to services, and deeper engagement with the broader community.  Helping to restore a trajectory toward vitality for these neighbors is essential and is equally important for the success and vitality of the Crooked Creek community as a whole.



The “Healthy Households Program,” is our effort to connect neighbors to:

  • Jobs and Job Readiness

  • Health Insurance and Care

  • Social Services

We expect increases in income, quality of life, and family health and decrease in crime.

Please connect with us to get involved!

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