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Owner-Occupied Repair Program


Combatting displacement is a top priority for the CDC. You may qualify for home repairs that keep your home habitable. Homeowners must occupy their homes, be current on property taxes, and have active homeowners' insurance to submit an inquiry. The CDC currently serves as a referral agency for only northwest residents. 


Crooked Creek Northwest CDC boundaries: 

  • North Boundary - I-465

  • West Boundary - I-465

  • East Boundary - Springmill Road/White River

  • South Boundary - Crawfordsville Road to White River

  Priorities will be given to:

  • Seniors, veterans, and those living with disabilities

  • Repairs that are essential for habitability and mitigate displacement

  • Projects that mitigate blight or conditions that pose a serious threat

  • Repairs that enhance the overall home value


Please complete the inquiry form to express interest in our owner-occupied repair program. Submissions will be reviewed and someone from our office will contact you when funding becomes available. 
Please check all that apply:

Thank you for your inquiry. Your name has been added to our list. Once funding become available, someone from the CDC will contact you to gather more information.

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