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Strategic Plan Priorities

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Affordable Housing as a Pathway Towards Economic Mobility

Crooked Creek Northwest CDC recognizes affordable housing as the first rung on the ladder towards upward fiscal stability and progress. Affordable housing spurs economic development in communities, yields new jobs while also supplying a workforce, generates tax revenue, and stimulates neighborhood economies.

Despite possessing poverty rates that mirror those of Indianapolis’ inner-city neighborhoods, the CDC’s service area uniquely sandwiches disinvested nodes between high net worth households thus creating an illusion of financial stability, security, and prosperity.  In many areas, nearly 30% of residents live in poverty, more than 50% are housing-cost burdened, majority of the populations earns less than the Marion County median income. 

Research shows that affordable housing is a priority for creating and sustaining economic agility and strongly suggests that one’s ability to attain opportunities is inherently associated with the community where they live, work, and play. The social capital gained as a result of affordable housing means families earn more and live healthier, happier, longer lives.

Affordable Housing as a Pathway Towards Economic Mobility


Creates a sustainable workforce

Crooked Creek CDC leads affordable housing efforts to create a stable and safe environment for families to live, work, and play. Our collective impact strategy is achieved when partners connect residents with workforce development resources, life skills, educational opportunities and, employment.

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generates tax revenue

From the construction materials purchased to income tax generated through employment housing directly, indirectly, and induces impact on generating tax revenue that helps to support neighborhood parks, public infrastructure, and safety. 


Spurs economic development

Housing density makes neighborhood corridors attractive for business expansion or relocation which embellishes the fabric of a neighborhood and creates new experiences and opportunities for residents and visitors.

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stimulates local economies

Neighborhoods that have affordable, right-sized and available housing experience stimulated local economies as residents purchase much-needed items like food, medicine, and household supplies or, enjoy dinner and a movie at the local theater.  

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Families thriving in stable environments have greater access to resources and social capital that propels them towards an upward path of mobility and gives them a chance at breaking generational poverty.  

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builds sustainable neighborhoods

Crooked Creek is rich in history, culture, and diversity. By introducing more affordability, multi-generational households are stabilized and families are positioned to grow a network of social capital resources, businesses experience increased cash-flow, and neighborhoods become vibrant and attractive.

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