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Our Mission & Vision

Crooked Creek Northwest Community Development Corporation (CDC) was formed in 1998 to enhance the quality of life for area residents by serving as a convener responsible for leading efforts to build a stronger and healthier neighborhood. 
The CDC serves dozens of neighborhoods located on the far northwest side of Indianapolis and is home to more than 125,000 residents living north of 38th Street, south and west of I-465, and east of Springmill Road.

Community Garden

Our mission is to facilitate resident-led discussions and to implement strategies that create a supply of affordable housing, spur economic development, create beautiful spaces, and strengthen pathways for increased economic opportunity.

Indy's far northwest area is a diverse community where people of every generation, ethnicity and culture live in harmony with nature and one another. It is a place where the past is revered and the future is embraced with equal enthusiasm.

Distinctive neighborhoods provide peaceful interludes from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Our community is home to wonderful, nationally recognized cultural, educational and healthcare institutions that bring permanence, enlightenment and comfort to all.
Spiritual sustenance - whether derived from personal conviction of belief in one of many faith traditions that grace our community - underscores our commitment to the common good and compassion for the vulnerable among us.
Our vibrant local economy and public amenities are treasured accompaniments that enrich our lives and connect us, one to another. Together, these assembled notes compose the symphony that is Indy's northwest side. 


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Quality Housing

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Equity & Inclusion

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Economic Development

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Workforce Development

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Thank you to our supporters!

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